Top Tip Thursday – 3 Tips to Spring Cleaning Your Closet

by DressWithPurpose

So are you feeling a little motivated to do Spring cleaning since we are now well into Spring (okay since we procrastinated!).  Here are 3 tips that might give you a push in the right direction.

1.  Get rid of Self-Esteem Killers… you know which of the clothes are in your closet.  And if you don’t know here is a hint it is a piece in your closet that every time you look at it you go ugh or just pass by it as quickly as you can… then put it in the pile to donate.  Your trash maybe someone’s treasure.

2.  Donate the things you don’t wear… we all have those items of clothing that we have kept trying to lose weight or just love from the 90’s or for me the 80’s (lol), or just can’t seem to part with.  These are all just taking up valuable space in your closet for the one piece you see in the store you fall in love with but realize you have no space for…  Good rule of thumb if you haven’t worn it in more that a year, get rid of it.  Find a worthy cause to give your items too. There are some great organizations that help young women or people needing help with professional clothing, with many more out there.

3. It’s a numbers game… and this is my biggest downfall!  If your like me you have a couple of the same thing maybe in different colors or just more of the same… i.e. black tank tops, white t-shirts, jeans and on and on… lol.  If you scale down to your best pieces this will free up space in the closet and allow you to feel a bit more organized.

Get motivated!!! You may discover you have a whole new wardrobe to shop everyday, when you get rid of the Self-Esteem Killers, Donate What you Don’t Wear and Pair down the numbers of items you have.  Choose everyday to “Dress With Purpose”!