Choose Everyday to "Dress With Purpose"

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Pinterest Inspired

Happy Thursday! My Purpose & Inspiration ::  The day hasn’t even started and I am already tired thinking about all the amazing things going on today! Starting the morning with an amazing group of business ladies from the iBloom community on a conference call, work a little, then it is off to my monthly lunch with an […]

Be Inspired :: Role Model

Happy Tuesday! My Purpose & Inspiration ::  Good day yesterday got a lot done, today it is back to the hubby’s office to get them ready for a big event tomorrow! In all the excitement of everything going on last week I skipped a challenge LOL, you guys who are following my challenge must have thought […]

Be Inspired :: Saw on a Celebrity

Happy Wednesday! My Purpose & Inspiration :: Can’t believe we are in the middle of the week already!! Got a tons more done in the hubby’s office yesterday and also had some amazing quality time working on a very special project for my business. Today will be half office day for the hubby and half in […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Patterns :: Creme Stripes

Happy Monday! My Purpose  & Inspiration ::  Are you ready for another work week? With all the changes happening at my hubby’s office I am heading in for a full week in the office.  Lots to do… I was inspired today to be comfy yet stylish! Love this great t-shirt dress with this fun jacket. […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Handbags :: Tote #2

Happy Thursday! My Purpose  & Inspiration :: It’s going to be another long day in the office, especially since I missed some sleep last night (lol)! But have lots of things to do before I take the day off tomorrow.  Today is looks like we are going to get some San Diego winter weather (low […]