Choose Everyday to "Dress With Purpose"

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Be Inspired :: Bowtastic

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!! I wanted to share with you about a very special devotional that was written by a friend “Dream Devotional”, it is an excellent read and it is very honest and open.  Check it out on Amazon, it is worth the $2.99 Kindle download or buy the paperback for $6.99.  I have […]

Be Inspired :: Risky Business

Good Morning and Happy Monday! My Purpose & Inspiration :: Hope you had a glorious weekend! For the most part, mine was fairly relaxing, woohoo it’s been a while since I had that! This week is full of projects, accounting, conference calls and meetings. Today’s July Wardrobe Challenge is Risky Business and I have to […]

Be Inspired :: May Gray :: Pencil Skirt

Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday!!! My Purpose & Inspiration ::  Wow yesterday was a blur… so many events and inspiration! Today is going to be a busy day in the hubby’s office as I try to get some things done before the 3 day weekend!! Excited for the weekend though heading to Palm Springs area to […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Jackets :: Black & White Tweed

Happy Tuesday!! My Purpose  & Inspiration ::  Yesterday was a catch up day… and did I get caught up, well sort of (LOL)! So today will be spent working on marketing and then watching a few training webinars. Then going to hangout with my hubby tonight watching him bowl! Excited by today’s jacket, one because […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Black & White :: Blended Sweater

Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday! My Purpose  & Inspiration :: Woohoo I made it through a whole week! Wasn’t feeling well last night, but then we got news that a friend of ours had tickets for us to watch the second round games of the NCAA March Madness here in San Diego.  We will get to […]