Monday Morning Mission :: Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: White

by DressWithPurpose

Good Morning! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Were you able to work denim into your wardrobe last week? Are you ready for another work week? Well ready or not it is here (lol)! So it is that time again for the Monday Morning Mission challenge should you choose to accept this weeks mission it is about being inspired by White! We are well into summer and it is after Memorial Day (just FYI although it used to be not acceptable to wear white after Labor Day, until Memorial Day that is simply not the case these days) so we are going to rock the white this week! This is an easy one… so find a way to be creative and pair with different pieces from your wardrobe that what you not would normally wear. Have an amazing week and find a way to be inspired by White!!!! Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!