Making the Fashion Transition from School to the Work Force?

by DressWithPurpose

We are heading into graduation season and recently I had a few young ladies that are graduating high school and college come to me asking how they can transition from the high school and college gear which consists of sweats, t-shirts, jeans and various other age appropriate outfits (okay and some not so appropriate outfits) to being able to work in an office or professional environment, without buying a whole new wardrobe.  Looking and feeling professional is one skill that they don’t teach you in school and it so should be since this is a key element, and as much as we don’t like that we are judged by our first impression we are.  One of my favorite quotes is “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick, Fashion is an instant language” Miuccia Prada, its best to let your skills and personality speak for themselves and let your clothes be your presentation.  While I worked with each of the girls I asked them what their goals were and from there I gave them a plan and some ideas on how they could add to their wardrobe without spending a ton of money.  Here are a couple of the tips I gave them to accomplish their “Dress With Purpose” goals and help you achieve your goals.

1.  Tank tops – Common staple in younger women’s wardrobe (also in mine but as undershirts… lol)

I showed them how you could take your lacy tanks, traditional tanks and spaghetti strap tops and put a jacket over them to give them a more professional appearance without having to break the bank, a boyfriend cut jacket is a must piece for any younger woman making the transition to the professional world.

The other great thing about this jacket cut is it allows you to have a variety of options on how to wear it from shorts, jeans, business skirt, etc…






2.  Skirts – most young women have mini skirts or denim minis in their wardrobe.

I told all the girls that there is still a time and place that most of their skirts can be worn however in the professional world, they should stay in their closet.  I encouraged them to get a pencil skirt in a great neutral, black, brown, navy, or grey.  This allows for them to mix and match quite a few shirts that they already have in their wardrobe.  Not only does it give them tons of options to dress it up or down it can be worn two days a week and no one would be the wiser… budget saver!

They can also add a printed pencil skirt to infuse a little bit of their personality as well!  The other great thing about a pencil skirt is that they can look amazing on all body types.

3.  Sneakers to Heels – most young women these days like their stilettos and sneakers with not much in between.

I chatted with the girls about the stilettos not being work appropriate and that having a pair of shoes with 3″ vs. 6″ heel can still give them height and also show their personality without being old ladyish (I am 40+ and I don’t like old lady shoes… they always laugh at that).  Having at least one neutral pair and one funky or colorful pair as well.


Last of all, the best tip I could give each of them was be who you are and let your clothes enhance your natural beauty and Choose everyday to “Dress With Purpose”!