Dress With Purpose :: Why Have We Stopped Playing Dress Up?

by DressWithPurpose


I was doing my normal social media routine early this morning and I ran across a facebook post by an amazing lady named Diane Cunningham founder of National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs. She was expressing her excitement about Dressing Up today and about how pretty and empowered she felt, especially since she works from a home office. I felt so inspired by her post as it really spoke to my true passion and purpose to inspire women to feel great about themselves and express that through Dressing With Purpose.  It really made me stop and think about why we have stopped playing dress up! And ask myself why did I chose this week especially for this to be my Monday Morning Mission challenge…


So I had to ask myself why have we stopped playing dress up? Why don’t we want those feelings of being pretty… like the days when as little girls we played with our princess costumes or loved sneaking into our mom’s closet playing with her clothes, shoes and jewelry? Oh how we would admire how pretty we were in the mirror, twirl around, have fun, we loved ourselves and couldn’t wait to grow up and dress up!

So why in society these days is it not ok to look in the mirror (like in days of our little girl innocence) and think and say how beautiful we are? I fall into that trap everyday when I try on what I am going to wear for my daily outfit blog and I catch myself doing it and I have to remind myself that it is ok and I am worthy to feel pretty, sexy, flirty or whatever other emotion I feel about how I look! No matter what our size, shape and/or color we are were designed to be unique in our beauty! We need to start saying to ourselves every morning that I am “Beautiful”, “Pretty”, and beyond worthy of feeling that way about ourselves!

Why don’t we want to dress up more? Well I have to say the especially in Southern California we definitely fall into the trap of being casual, and we definitely have a mentality in the work place to be more casual, I admire the places that still dress up to go the office, like New York and other big metropolitan areas. For me personally who hubby’s office is definitely a casual work environment and when I am not in his office I am normally working from home being casual would be easy, but I know that if I fall into casual mode my productivity will fall into casual mode. It is so important for me to dress for productivity and to be more productive in my eyes I have to feel great about the way I look as it makes me feel confident and empowered. I get excited to challenge my clients who are stay at home entrepreneur’s to at least push themselves one day out of the week to spend a little extra time getting ready and focus on making themselves feel pretty and empowered and to see if this subtle but necessary change impacts their productivity for day… all of them have come back to me and said how much of an impact it had on them and shifted their mindset!

So will you dress up more? I truly hope that we can start to change our society to remember how great it was to feel beautiful and pretty by dressing up more! I want to go back to the days of Sex in the City and start enjoying ourselves and having fun with dressing up! Why not Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!!!!

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