Dress With Purpose :: Why Do I Hold Onto My Clothes???

by DressWithPurpose

I did some shopping this weekend as a Birthday present to myself and I got to thinking about why do women hang on to their clothes or are afraid to discover who they are!  So I started reflecting and thinking about the way I used to be… Some of you may or may not know that at one point I topped the scales at 253 lbs… that was a very depressing and dark period of my life!  So I wondered back then during those days why did I feel I had to hold on to my clothes, why did I not want to part with them?  The simple answer is they were a place for me to hide! There was a comfort in those clothes that allowed me to stay hidden away from the world and blend in to the background, when I did decide to venture out into the world (which was only when I had too…)! So I get why it is easier to hang on to those clothes in your closet, because that was me a few years ago.  But now I make the conscience effort to not hold onto the things that don’t make me feel that I shine, make me exude confidence and make me feel beautiful. I will admit that sometimes it takes me a few times after wearing something to discover whether or not I get that feeling but I follow a few rules for myself that allows me not to hold onto the clothes that don’t work for me!

Rule 1 – If it hasn’t found a way onto my body in 7 days after purchase I return it!  Sometimes I find myself at the store falling in love with an outfit only to get it home and never have it find a way into my outfits.  So my general rule of thumb is if  I can’t get it into my daily outfits then it should go back!

Rule 2 – I know what I have.  It is so important to me that when I am shopping, I know what I have so that I can easily bring a new item in and know how it will function with my wardrobe.  Part one is knowing my style and the second is knowing my closet.  I strive to shop on a budget and find great deals so that I can have a variety of pieces to mix and match. You don’t want to go into the store without a game plan… you will overspend and underwhelm yourself.

Rule 3 – Admit when you have outlived or outgrown your clothes.  There are a couple of questions I ask myself when I find I am having a hard time parting with something from my closet…

Question 1 – Does this have a good memory attached to it? If the answer is Yes, I relive the memory and decide that I should donate it to someone else who might also make a good memory in it. If the answer is No, then let it go… donate or toss it.

Question 2 – Does this really suit my current purpose? What is going on in my life right now does it fit with the direction I am going? If yes then Keep, if no then donate or toss!

Question 3 – Do I REALLY need this? I try to evaluate why this is so hard to part with… if I can’t figure out why then guess what it goes to the toss (donate) pile.

Well I hope these few rules and questions will help you discover why you hold onto your clothes or maybe get you thinking about why you do! I just want to encourage you to know your purpose and Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!!!