Dress With Purpose :: Week In Review :: Be Inspired :: Holiday Sparkle

by DressWithPurpose

Good Morning and Happy Saturday! Can you believe that we are only 11 days away from Christmas!   :)

My Fave :: This week my favorite outfit was on Monday! It was a great start to my week and inspired how I felt about all the outfits for the of the week! I loved how this made me feel, gave me the fantastic boost of confidence!


My Thoughts ::  This week was a fun and challenging in some respects. I found that the silver sequin skirt posed the biggest challenge for me since I had worn the skirt with blue before and I wanted to stay away from black so it took me a bit to figure out what I was going to do. The second of my challenges was the black sequin top because I really didn’t think I was going to tuck it in but I had worn it out belted twice before and I wanted to change it up and when I tucked it in I decided that I need to add the jacket last minute.  Overall it was a really great week and was thankful for the challenges because it pushed me to change things up and step out of my comfort zone.  Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!