Dress With Purpose :: Week In Review :: Be Inspired :: Faux Leather

by DressWithPurpose

Good Morning and Happy Saturday! Hope you had a great full week back at work after the holiday!   :)

My Fave :: This week my favorite outfit was on Tuesday! It is funny that is was the only day that I choose to wear bright, cheerful colors. I just totally fell in love with this jacket the style and color on the racks of Macy’s in Vegas. It made me feel amazing in a flirty and fun way, which was a bit different from my outfits the rest of the week!


My Thoughts :: Although my favorite outfit for the week was very colorful, flirty and fun, the outfits for the rest of the week made me feel more rock & roll and sassy! This was a really fun week and I am glad that I pushed myself out of my normal comfort zone. I still find myself surprised on how much a difference putting on an particular outfit can change my outlook on my day and attitude! That is why I am such an advocate that getting dressed to make yourself feel good is so important and why we should Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!