Dress With Purpose :: Slow Down and Appreciate Yourself

by DressWithPurpose

When I discovered that my passion and purpose was to inspire women to Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose I realized that most women don’t have the time or desire to think about themselves!

Frantic WomanWhy is it that we can’t slow down and take a few extra minutes to focus on ourselves? So is it really that we don’t have the time to take or are we scared to take the time????

Well for me I realized that I was scared, how could I feel pretty, sexy, flirty, fun, confident, powerful and inspired, I am not a size 2 and why do I deserve to feel that way… after battling years of being obese and not feeling anywhere close to pretty, sexy or any other positive adjectives about myself I discovered that for a few fleeting minutes on the days that I decided to get dressed, that I felt a little bit better about myself, nowhere near how I feel now, but the little boost on those days managed to get me through that day!  Even now having slimmed down I still battle the obese woman I used to see in the mirror and it is ok!!! I walk into my closet and spend that extra minute or two to figure out what I want to wear… where is my mood taking me… what is inspiring me… what does my day hold for me… I give myself the permission to feel pretty, sexy, flirty, fun, confident, powerful, inspired and all the other amazing positive adjectives available!  It is hard feeling all those wonderful things about yourself especially if you have spent years telling yourself that you are not any of those things… It is a journey for sure and I have been walking it for sometime now.  Slowly those feelings are starting to permeate the core of who I am and giving me the power to say yes I am a confident and beautiful woman and I deserve the very best that God has planned for me. When will you make the choice to become that woman?????

If you are not like me scared and just don’t have the extra time… I challenge you to TAKE IT and FIND IT!!! download (1) Get up an extra 5 minutes early to give yourself that time, you have the time you just have to make yourself a priority! As moms, professionals, wives and all the other job titles we have, we tend to put all those responsibilities and priorities above ourselves! But you know how the old saying goes “A Happy Wife (women, mom, professional), A Happy Life” it is so true that when we feel happy about ourselves we are so much better for those around us and lead us to be better moms, professionals, wives and any and all other job titles we have.

When we give ourselves permission to be amazing, we will be amazing! When we Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose we are confident and beautiful women who intentionally decided to be that way!!!

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