Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Top 12 in 2012

by DressWithPurpose

So as I reflect on what an amazing journey 2012 has been for me and how much I have appreciated being able to inspire you to Dress With Purpose, I know 2013 will continue to inspire you and me!  Since I started my blog this year I have had outfits I was super inspired by and some well I wish I hadn’t put together (lol)! Luckily no one is perfect and when you Dress With Purpose you don’t have to be perfect that is the beauty about it, as long as you had a purpose for what you wore or are wearing and feel confident and inspired that day then you have accomplished a Dress With Purpose outfit.  As we bring in 2013 together, with some fun new outfits and events planned for the upcoming year, I just wanted to share with you my Top 12 favorite outfits for 2012.