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by DressWithPurpose

Happy Thursday!


My Purpose :: I managed to only get to about half of my chore list yesterday as the day got a bit hectic in the office, lots of stuff to do.  So today it is really a chore day (yuck, again!!), then I need to do some work on our remodel project.  Oh yeah… going into the office to finish up a few things that just got pushed to the side yesterday.

My Inspiration ::  Today feels like a Tuesday, I ask my hubby last night if he was going to his men’s bible study and he said on Thursday? LOL… I guess I am excited for this week and am a little sad that I only have two days left of summer dresses.  I fell in the love with this dress. Keeping it fun and flirty today!  Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!!!

Dress :: Floral tiered empire cut sleeveless dress – Princess Project Dress Sale ($5)

Shoes :: Black gladiator inspired sandals – Montego Bay Club – Payless ($12.49, BOGO)

Purse :: Structured patton faux leather – Charming Charlie ($40, actually came with a second purse inside)

Accessories :: Earrings ($3.99) & Necklace ($5.99) – New York & Company :: Sunglasses ($5.99) – Ross :: Watch (Gift) – Anne Klein – Macy’s

Here is how I was inspired by this  dress before…