Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Sleeveless :: Royal & Floral

by DressWithPurpose

Happy Wednesday!


My Purpose :: Today is going to be a busy one, and I mean busy… starting at the house, then straight to the office to get a few things done, then it is off to my daughters orthodontics appointments (at 22 she finally decided she wants to fix her teeth), then back to the office for a few minutes then it is back out to the house, then a shopping trip with my 14 year niece who will be a freshman this year to help her pick out some clothes, then back to the house to meet a few more contractors, do a little of manual labor and then head home and crash!!!!

My Inspiration :: So for the first part of the day I am excited to wear this super fun and cute skirt & top.  When you feel good about what you are wearing, I find that I don’t care that I am showing my arms… this afternoon I will be in my work clothes but I definitely think this outfit will carry my excitement through my day!!! Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!

Top :: Royal, navy and white floral print tank – Forever 21 ($17.80)

Bottom :: Royal, navy and white floral print skirt – Forever 21 ($17.80)

Shoes :: Mirrored silver wedges – Payless ($24.99)

Purse :: Light gray structured purse with stud detail – R&Em – Ross ($22.99)

Accessories :: Earrings ($3.99) & Watch ($12.95) – New York & Company :: Sunglasses ($5.99) – Ross :: Belt ($4.98) – Forever 21

Here is how I was inspired by this skirt before…