Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: My Top 3 Favorite Fall Trends for 2013

by DressWithPurpose

Happy What to Wear Wednesday! Today I wanted to share with you what are my 3 favorite style trends for Fall 2013!


Midi Skirts (Definition – A midi skirt is a tube- or cone-shaped garment that hangs from the waist and covers past the knee and can fall right about mid-shin).  Why do I love this trend for fall? Well it gives you a great opportunity to have fun with textured leggings or stockings, boots vs. heels and of course the ability to have fun with all types of sweaters, tops and jackets.  It a fun way to dress up in cooler weather but still stay warm!


Plaid (Definition – A rectangular woolen scarf of a tartan pattern worn over the left shoulder by Scottish Highlanders or Cloth with a tartan or checked pattern).  Plaid can come in all shapes and sizes and lots of playful and vintage colors.  Why is this one of my favorite fall trends?  Well plaid says to me comfort and warmth… and with so many amazing ways that you will see them in the stores this fall season I am excited to feel that way about adding some cool accents pieces to my wardrobe this fall.


Winter Whites – (Definition – Transition from a pure white of Spring / Summer, to a warm or creamy white for Fall / Winter). Actually I think it is just another fancy way to wear white all year round (lol)!!!  Why is this one of my favorite fall trends? Well we are lucky here in San Diego that our weather is mild, although cold to us (hahahaha), for those in other states that experience more extremes in weather it is a greater fashion challenge to wear Winter White year round.  I just love the crispness of white and the classic elegance of white on white, which reminds me of Christmas and one of my favorite times of the year!

There are lots of other great trends for the Fall of 2013, but this is a just a few that I am super excited to be incorporating to my wardrobe! Will you choose to add it to yours?  It is my hope that you will have some fun with these and finds ways to Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!