Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Favorite Things :: Blazer & Midi Dress

by DressWithPurpose

Happy Thursday!!!


My Purpose :: Well after 20+ vials of blood a couple of weeks ago they were able to determine I was deficient (lol, I kinda already knew that… hahahahahaha), seems I have a few vitamin and hormone deficiencies (peri-menapause), gotta love being a girl!!! So looks like I will be starting a new vitamin regimen and some hormone replacements.  Well at least now I know that the reason for my exhaustion and lack of energy, hopefully I can get back to normal and feel like myself again!!! So to get to my purpose today is just work… will work in my hubby’s office this morning and then work in the home office this afternoon.  I am just so relieved to know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

My Inspiration ::  Continuing on the theme of my favorite things… I couldn’t go without wearing a blazer and of course another maxi skirt which I decided to wear it as a midi dress today.  (seems I have a few of them in my closet, lol!!!).  I love wearing my favorite things and that I get to Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!!!

Jacket :: Mint collarless peplum inspired jacket – H&M ($20, clearance)

Bottom :: Mint and gray stripped maxi skirt/midi dress – Max Studio – Max Studio Outlet ($17.40)

Shoes :: Mirrored silver wedges – Payless ($24.99)

Purse :: Light gray structured purse with stud detail – R&Em – Ross ($22.99)

Accessories :: Earrings ($3.99), Necklace ($5.99) & Watch ($12.95) – New York & Company :: Sunglasses ($5.99) – Ross

Here is how I was inspired by this blazer before…