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by DressWithPurpose

Happy Thursday!


My Purpose & Inspiration :: Well today’s the day I have been looking forward to! Do you know when you have that excited and scared feeling all at the same time… that is me today! I am so excited that I get to present to a special group of ladies who have not had the easiest life, but are wanting to make a change! I get to teach them what it means to Dress With Purpose! Encourage and teach them about how to begin building a belief in themselves as well as building self confidence, lessons I have learned the hard way, share a bit of my testimony and let them know that there is hope out there! I am so scared and nervous to share with these girls but I know that God will be guiding me all along the way! Today’s outfit was inspired to show the girls you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look and feel amazing! Probably my most inexpensive look to date and one that will become the most important to me! Feeling a little Sex and City moment today! It’s always fun to find a piece that is dressy and find a way to work it into your everyday wardrobe.  🙂  Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!

Jacket :: Denim Jacket – GAP – Goodwill ($5.99)

Dress :: Nude base with black tulle ballerina inspired – JS Collections – The Princess Project – San Diego Annual Dress Sale ($5)

Shoes :: Black patton faux leather pointy toe pumps – Payless ($21.99)

Purse :: Envelope inspired black & gray handbag – New York & Company ($3.99, 80% clearance)

Accessories :: Earrings ($2.99) – New York & Company :: Stretch Bracelets (DIY) :: Watch (Gift) – DKNY – Macy’s :: Sunglasses ($9) – Charming Charlie

Here is how I was inspired by this jacket before…