Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Challenge Yourself :: Plaid & Polka Dots

by DressWithPurpose

Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday!


My Purpose  & Inspiration :: For my final day of challenging myself I went all out with polka dots and plaid, way out of the box for me Miss Conservative.. (lol)! It is definitely easier to get away with mixing patterns if you stay in the same color family so I didn’t stray too much there as I am staying in the black and white family! Finally I am so glad to get a day in my home office as spending most of the week in my hubby’s office, his office is becoming more and more a buzz and I like my days in the home office as I enjoy the quiet! Then this afternoon I get to pick my dad up from the airport and have a nice dinner with him at his favorite restaurant, I will be rooting on my niece’s basketball team from my heart as they play tonight and I can’t make it!  If you haven’t challenged yourself yet have fun this weekend and take the challenge to put a new outfit together and step out of your comfort zone!  Choose Everyday to Dress With Purpose!

Top :: Black sweater with white polka dots – H&M (Free, but it was a buy 1, get 1 free)

Bottom :: Black & white plaid skinny pants – New York & Company ($10.59, on clearance 80% off after Christmas sale)

Shoes :: Black round toe pumps – Reflections – Payless ($12.49, BOGO)

Purse :: Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote – Michael Kors (Christmas Gift)

Accessories :: Earrings ($3.99) & Bracelets & Bangle ($2.99 x 2) – New York & Company :: Stretch Bracelets (DIY) :: Watch (Gift) – DKNY – Macy’s :: Sunglasses ($5.99) – Ross :: Belt ($5.99) – New York & Company

Here is how I was inspired by these pants before…