Dress With Purpose :: 5 Tips for Shopping Black Friday (or any other day!)

by DressWithPurpose

Black Friday is one of my favorite shopping days, but I love to shop! For those of you who don’t like to shop or don’t want to be surrounded by the crowds but feel inspired by the sales here are 5 Tips for shopping Black Friday!

1.  Go Early… of course I am an early riser so this is easy for me but for those of you who aren’t, getting there early means less crowds and more options (of course that is not for stores like WalMart or places that carry steeped discounted items)!

2. Have a Plan… you shouldn’t go into any shopping trip (grocery, clothes, or any other type) without a plan.  Have a list of things you need and have your budget set!

3. Pack some snacks… have a bottle of water and a few snacks hiding in your purse. This will help keep you hydrated and give you energy and keep your mood up to make it through a crowded day of shopping.

4. Have your coupons… this is great time of year for discounts and most stores offer extra discounts via e-mail, mail or newspaper.  Just make sure you look at the dates of your coupons and that you can use them during Black Friday sales.

5. Wear comfy clothes… just because you have permission to wear comfy clothes doesn’t necessarily mean that is it sweats and sweatshirt.  Jeans, great button down or easy pull over sweater, comfy flats or boots can keep you stylish but still ready to try on clothes if you find that inspiration piece.