Dress With Purpose :: 3 Tips to Stay on Budget While Shopping End of Summer Sales

by DressWithPurpose

It’s that time of year for the stores to move out their summer clothes, shoes and accessories to bring in their Back to School and Fall items.  This a great time for SALES, SALES, SALES…


This is a great time to save $$$$. It is so easy to get super excited about the great deals that you can score while shopping those clearance racks ( you can also overspend), but in order to stay within your spending budget it’s important to know what exactly you are looking for to round out your summer wardrobe, but also finding items that will be functional year round as well!

TIP #1 – Have a list – knowing what you NEED…

Summer Shopping List

First things first though… By knowing what you have in your closet it will be easier to figure out what you might need to put on that list, but before you put that list together why not ask yourself a few questions…


TIP #2 – Wardrobe Questions    

1.  What needs to be replaced?   2.  What pieces might I be missing for completing my summer wardrobe?     3.  Is there a color that I can add as accessories or accent pieces?    4. What can I clear out to make room for the new?

The final piece to staying on budget is to know where to shop and when stores have their best sales.

TIP #3 – How to Save $$$


1. Sign up for e-mails from your favorite stores, not only will the notify you of their sales they give you valuable coupons or discounts    2. Shop clearance racks first… this is where you are going to find your best deals, but give yourself a little extra time to really go through them…    3. Follow TIPS #1 and #2

Bonus – If you have a AAA card there are a few stores that will give you discounts by showing your card, a few that I know of are Payless will give 10% and New York & Company will offer 15%, but ask the stores you like to see if they have any discounts.  If you have a valid Military ID there are many stores that will give you discounts as well.


I always strive to be inspired and find ways to inspire you!!!! Today I was inspired to share this with you as I was requested by my sister who lives down in the Caribbean to pick up clothes for her family, since they live in warm/hot weather all the time  this was the perfect time to stock them up on Summer clothes… I had her send me a list of items she was looking for and I was on my way to find them the items they need without breaking their bank.