Does Size Really Matter?

by DressWithPurpose

Do you ever wonder why in one store a size 10 fits you perfectly and in another store you can’t even get the 10 over your thighs?  Well just like us we are made in all shapes and sizes, the fashion industry has all shapes and sizes.  One brand may cut smaller than another, each designer has their own patterns and design based on certain characteristics.  Our job as the consumer is not to let size dictate our purchases.  Take me as an example I normally wear as size 8 (used to be a size 22, topic for another post), and while I was shopping last weekend in Las Vegas at the Levi’s Outlet I picked up a couple of size 8 jeans and couldn’t even get a size 8 bootcut jean over my thighs… I was a little bit discouraged not going to lie… but I had to remind myself that the size is a just a number not a reflection of me!  I went up to a size 12 and the fit was great and in the end that is all that mattered to me!  In the times that we get discouraged by the size on the tag, just remember that it we are beautiful at any shape and in the end your personal style is a reflection of who we are.  Choose everyday to Dress With Purpose!!!