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Be Inspired :: September Wardrobe Challenge

WOW it is almost September, can you believe it? I can’t!! Well that means it is time again for another fun and inspiring Wardrobe Challenge. I would love for you to join whether it is one challenge, all the challenges or somewhere in between! Please share the love of Dressing With Purpose with my on […]

Be Inspired :: A Turning Point

Today is a huge milestone for me! It’s was 10 years ago today that a major decision was carried out! If you have had the opportunity to listen to my interview with The Makeover Mentor (click on The Makeover Mentor to listen) Danna Demetre, you know what this decision was, if you haven’t today is the day that […]

Be Inspired :: 31 Days in July, 31 Proverbs :: Week 3 Review

Day 14 – like the others before this Proverb talks about actions of the good will gain many things but that of the wicked will parish. I have been focusing on the things that have stood out to me because the journey God has me on. It is amazing how he continues to provides just […]

Be Inspired :: 31 Days in July, 31 Proverbs :: Week 2 Review

Day 7 – over the last couple of Proverbs God is very intentional to talk about an adulterous woman (not only in Proverbs but in other books as well) so it was a major problem then as it is now. However, the entire focus of this one is all about her. She is a very […]

Be Inspired :: 31 Days in July, 31 Proverbs :: Week 1 Review

Day 1 – Good morning you beautiful women! Have you decided to join me in the 31 day Proverb Challenge? I am choosing today (like many other) to cloth myself I His word first before I get Dressed With Purpose! Day 1 of Proverbs and God starts us in verse 2-5 with how He is going […]