Be Inspired :: Dress With Delight

by DressWithPurpose

Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday!


My Purpose & Inspiration ::  Whew it is Friday! What a week! Ugh totally have old lady brain these days… with all that has been going on this week I totally forgot an appointment and I felt terrible, but lucky I will have a chance to redeem myself on Saturday! Today’s challenge was Dress With Delight and I take tons of delight in this dress, even though it is black and white, I took it to be altered because it just didn’t fit quite right after I lost a bit of weight recently. So don’t be afraid to have your clothing altered and if you can find a great seamstress it is worth it, especially when you pay $1 for the dress. The jacket was a bit big as well but I feel in love with it at the Goodwill and I just decided that it could be altered as well, it looks like I paid alot more than $26 for it!! Have a fantastic and fabulous Friday!!! Transform Your Image 1 Outfit at Time!!

Jacket :: 3/4 sleeve black bell jacket – ($6 + $20 to alter = $26) – Goodwill La Mesa

Dress :: Black & White geometric print sleeveless dress – BCBG Paris – Clothing Swap ($1 + $20 to alter = $21)

Shoes :: Black patton faux leather pointy toe pumps – Payless ($21.99)

Purse :: Retro inspired patton faux leather – Charming Charlie ($35)

Accessories :: Earrings ($3.99) & Necklace ($19.95) – New York & Company :: Watch (Gift) – DKNY – Macy’s :: Sunglasses ($3.99) – Ross

Here is how I was inspired by this dress before…