Be Inspired :: 31 Days in July, 31 Proverbs :: Week 1 Review

by DressWithPurpose

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Day 1 – Good morning you beautiful women! Have you decided to join me in the 31 day Proverb Challenge? I am choosing today (like many other) to cloth myself I His word first before I get Dressed With Purpose! Day 1 of Proverbs and God starts us in verse 2-5 with how He is going to teach and bless us! 2 for gaining wisdom and instruction for understanding words of insight; 3 for receiving instruction in prudent behavior, doing what is just and fair; 4 for giving prudence to those who are simple, knowledge and discretion to the young – 5 let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance – what beautiful way to start the day!

Thank you Lord for all the amazing women who have taken up this challenge to get closer to you, watch over us as we will surely be under attack from those who don’t understand! Give us the strength and wisdom to love them as we love ourselves and speak your truth! I am so excited for the journey we are sharing together and can’t wait to see the impact it will have!!!  blessings to each of you on this first day of July!!! #proverbschallenge #31daywithhim

Day 2 – Wow!!! I have read the Proverbs before several times but never with such intention to truly taken in the depth of His lessons! I loved how today in Proverbs 2 He gives us specific direction if you do this… He will give you this… What touched me most was verse 2 and 6. In verse 2 here is what we should do 2turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding and what He gives if we follow what He asked us to do 6for The Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding! Such clear instructions that if we are open to His word and take to heart His lessons He will be faithful to give us what we seek! Whoa… Powerful stuff!

Lord continue to open our eyes to how much love, grace, and teaching you have for us. Bless the women who have taken up this challenge that you would show them what they need from these lessons to touch their hearts and so that they may bless others! #proverbschallenge #31dayswithhim

Day 3 –  I am in awe yet again of the profoundness of His teachings! This one is jam packed with amazing guidance and wisdom! I love how in verses 13-18 he talks about being blessed for finding wisdom and that He refers to wisdom as she and her! What a beautiful reminder that we as women are empowered to seek His wisdom and how it gives us such richness and peace. Through this challenge we are doing just that!

But the verses that really touched me and reaffirmed the direction He is leading me are 5 and 6. 5Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not into your own understanding; 6in all your ways submit to Him, and he will make your paths straight. To be honest sometimes that is really hard not to lean into my own understanding because I say Lord I got this… LOL somehow that never seems to work out for me I don’t know about you!? But when I listen, submit and open my heart to what he has planned for me, he has all been faithful to guide my steps and make the path straight for me, and again it’s when I think I got it when my path gets all crazy. I pray that you will continue to soak in and cloth yourself in the beautiful and empowering lessons we are learning. That He will allow you to shine your light so bright that people can’t help but to be drawn to you and you can share the blessings of Him! Blessings to you as you enjoy day 3.  #proverbschallenge #31dayswithhim #dresswithpurpose

Day 4 – there has been a very definite theme through these first 4 Proverbs… Get wisdom, get understanding, learn from my teaching and there are consequences when you don’t.

For me there were 3 versus that jumped off the page at me. 18The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. I am such a morning person and I love watching the sunrise and feeling the warmth of it on my face and knowing that the current path that he has me on can lead me in the path of righteousness and to have that feeling all day is such an amazing promise to me.

Verses 25 and 26 also fits into the theme of the path 25Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. 26Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. For me this is all about focusing on him and continuing to walk the path he has intended. Be thoughtful as I take those steps on his path and firm in my belief that he is leading me on the right path. I am so very thankful that my heart has been open to him and the plans he has for me the last 2 1/2 and he has been so gracious to guide all my steps! Although the journey was hard and painful to get to that point he was just preparing me for his purpose for me!

I pray that The Lord will continue to lead our steps toward him so that we can learn to gain wisdom and understanding. That we stay faithful to this challenge that he has laid before us and not let our feet stray from his path when it is so easy to get distracted by our daily lives. Have a truly amazing and blessed day!  #proverbschallenge #31dayswithhim

Day 5 – this one is a little harder today as it is a warning against an adulterous woman. Yet God continues his theme of listen and learn and if you don’t there will be consequences. As well he continues to talk about our paths and for me this has been what has stood out the most in the all the reading so far because my path has become so important and clear to me as he is guiding.

The verse that hit me today was 21For your ways are in full view of The Lord, and he examines all your paths. For me this has dual meaning! One that he examines my actions and watches my heart to see that I am staying on his path and honoring him, I am thankful that he is quick to correct me if I stray from his path. The second he is watching what I do to encourage others on their path in him or that I being an example of his love and letting my light shine for him bringing others to him.

I pray for us today to stay diligent on our path to listen and learn. That he continues to guide your path towards him. May your Saturday be blessed! #proverbschallenge #31dayswithhim

Day 6 – today’s reading is a warning against folly and adultery. Have you ever been in the word and thought hmmmm what am I supposed to learn from this God? Well that’s me today!

Although I’m struggling a bit with this one there are two things that really stood out to me verses 16-19 16 there are six thing God hates and seven that are detestable to him 17haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, 18a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil 19a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community. Wow that is some powerful stuff!! Those are the seven things that God finds detestable… I know one thing is that I am so thankful that he sent his son to die for us so that we may be forgiven for our wrongs! Especially since I have been guilty of couple of these… Haughty eyes, lying tongue…!

The next set of verses that stood out to me were 20-23. 20My son, keep your fathers command and do not forsake your mothers teaching. 21Bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck. 22When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you. 23For this command is a lamp, this teaching is a light, and correction and instruction are the way of life. But what if your father and mother didn’t guide you in those ways? For me father = God and mothers teachings = wisdom (as through the previous Proverbs wisdom was called a she). I need to take God’s commands and wisdom and bind them on my heart and wear then around my neck. God and wisdom will always be guiding, watching over and speaking to me. But I should never stop learning because it is the light that will guide my steps along the path, but I can be assured that if I stray from his commands or instructions he will surely correct and guide me back on my path. Whoa going to have to soak that In for a while!!

My prayer for you today is that even if something doesn’t necessarily make sense in your life that God will find a way to show you how learn and apply it. May this day seek to bless you as we honor him!  #proverbschallenge#31dayswithhim