Choose Everyday to "Dress With Purpose"

Month: August, 2014

Be Inspired :: Dress With Delight

Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday! My Purpose & Inspiration ::  Whew it is Friday! What a week! Ugh totally have old lady brain these days… with all that has been going on this week I totally forgot an appointment and I felt terrible, but lucky I will have a chance to redeem myself on Saturday! Today’s challenge […]

Be Inspired :: So “ME”

Happy Thursday! My Purpose & Inspiration ::  Ready for another full day in the hubby’s office today, working on spreadsheets and expense reports, then spending the afternoon working on my business! Last night was a little rough as I dropped an clothing iron (luckily it wasn’t hot) on my foot and was in a bit […]

Be Inspired :: A Few Holes

Happy Wednesday! My Purpose & Inspiration ::  Wow what a great day yesterday! So emotional, fun and amazing! The conference couldn’t have been any better for me and for my hubby, we got to celebrate 24 years of marriage together in Downtown San Diego, dinner at Kansas City BBQ (home of the piano scene in […]

Be Inspired :: Impeccably Dressed

Happy Tuesday! My Purpose & Inspiration :: Yesterday was amazing I learned so much, it was emotional and inspiring, but boy do I still need time to process all that I learned… however no time for that as today is another full day at the conference! Not only do we have the conference all day, […]

Be Inspired :: Maxi Madness

Happy Monday! My Purpose & Inspiration ::  WOW Aron Ralston, the gentleman who the movie 127 Hours was based on was AHMAZING to hear last night what a great way to kick off the next few day’s of Living an Inspired Life event. Excited for our first day of the conference, it will be a […]