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Month: February, 2014

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Pants :: Black

Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday!!! My Purpose  & Inspiration ::  Starting the morning early at work, a couple of conference calls and then after lunch I am heading to do something fun for me Trish McEvoy at Neiman Marcus is have one of the their makeup artist show you how to use the new spring colors […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Pants :: Ivory

Happy Thursday!!! We are almost to the weekend yeah!!! My Purpose  & Inspiration ::  Excited today that I will have pulled myself out of the spreadsheet hole (well almost….).  Finishing up spreadsheets this morning and then hopefully I will get to have some fun working on marketing and client gift ideas, I love getting to […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Pants :: Navy

Happy Wednesday!!! My Purpose  & Inspiration :: Had such a blast night watching my freshman niece play her 1st CIF playoff game and she balled with 13 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 blocked shot, second highest scorer on her time!!! Proud Auntie!!!! I want to keep remembering the fun as today is all […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Pants :: Coral

Happy Tuesday!!! My Purpose  & Inspiration ::  Just another day in the office today! This is a very special day because 23 years ago at 7:07 am one of my greatest gifts was born! My baby girl is 23 today and I can’t believe it, feeling exceptionaly old today (lol, hahahahaha).  No super special plans […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Pants :: Plaid

Good Morning and Happy Monday! My Purpose  & Inspiration ::  I am in the office this morning and ugh I forgot how I left my desk on Saturday when I was trying to clean up (well didn’t quite finish).  Going to be grinding away on a few projects today.  Hoping to leave at my normal […]