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Month: July, 2013

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Favorite Things :: Blazer & Midi Dress

Happy Thursday!!! My Purpose :: Well after 20+ vials of blood a couple of weeks ago they were able to determine I was deficient (lol, I kinda already knew that… hahahahahaha), seems I have a few vitamin and hormone deficiencies (peri-menapause), gotta love being a girl!!! So looks like I will be starting a new […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Favorite Things :: Denim Jacket & Maxi Dress

Happy Wednesday!!!! My Purpose ::  This morning I will be working in my hubby’s office, have a mid-morning meeting and then off to the doctors to get the results of some blood work and see why I am so exhausted all the time… maybe just maybe we might get some answers today!!! My Inspiration :: […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Favorite Things :: Shorts & Tee

Happy Tuesday!!! My Purpose :: Today is another Road Trip day! My son and I will be heading to Riverside and then just outside of Palm Springs to help my dad out while he frolics in Canada (lol), love you Dad!!!! It will be a nice time getting to spend some time with my son […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Favorite Things :: Maxi Skirt

Happy Monday!!! My Purpose :: Glad to be back from an AMAZING 4 day vacation with my hubby! Today will be filled with catching up on things I missed in the office and on e-mail.  It was so nice to avoid most technology for 4 days, but I will definitely pay the price today! The […]

Dress With Purpose :: Monday Morning Mission :: Be Inspired :: Favorite Things

Good Morning!!! Can you believe that it is that time again! Are you up for having fun this week? For this weeks Monday Morning Mission should you choose to accept it is to be INSPIRED by a few of your favorite things, clothes, accessories, shoes, etc…!!! This is going to be a super fun week […]