Choose Everyday to "Dress With Purpose"

Month: June, 2013

Monday Morning Mission :: Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: Pencil Skirts

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!! Can you believe it is here again… Are you ready and up for the challenge? Ready or not here we go! For this weeks Monday Morning Mission challenge should you choose to accept it is to be inspired by Pencil Skirts! Oh how I love me some pencil skirts, to […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: White :: Skinny Jeans

Happy Fashion Fabulous Friday!!! My Purpose :: Usually Friday’s a little more chill but today is jammed back with things… first I will be attending 4 online business building session with the team at iBloom and then it will be day spent with contractors, inspectors and architects at what is going to be our potential […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: White :: Skirt

Happy Thursday! My Purpose :: Today is going to be a busy day at the office… we have the internet people coming to install our boosted service, then our new copier is arriving and we will get our training on the new copier.  The rest of the day I will be training our new administrative […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: White :: Dress

Happy Wednesday!!! My Purpose :: Excited that my hubby is back in town, he took the kids to the Lake and allowed me to have some ME time which I enjoyed but I am super glad they are back. 🙂 So today we will finish working on organizing his office since he wouldn’t let me […]

Dress With Purpose :: Be Inspired :: White :: Pants

Happy Tuesday! My Purpose :: Wow it feels so great to be back to my normal schedule! Today is a very special day one of the most important men in my life and without him I wouldn’t be here (lol), Happy Birthday Daddy, love you so much!!! Going to be a pretty easy going day, […]