Choose Everyday to "Dress With Purpose"

Month: March, 2012

Feeling Royal – 3.26.12

Happy Monday!  Feeling a little Royal this morning, Royal Blue that is… My Purpose:  I was feeling a little blue this morning, I miss Linda (my mom) and confidant, it was two years ago today that she joined the Angels in Heaven to watch over me, my two sisters, brother, Dad, and the rest of […]

Feeling a Little Grey – 3.24.12

It is a grey day today in San Diego… My Purpose: So it is grey day… but I am happy!  I get to spend the day shopping with my sister and my niece.  I wore this grey maxi dress with a sweater (to keep me warm) and flats, this is the perfect shopping outfit… comfy […]

Black & Blue All Over – 3.23.12

My favorite clothes color is black and my favorite color is blue… My Purpose:  Love our early morning (6:45 am) Friday networking meeting (why the pictures look like they are at night, gotta love the time change)!  My closet is about 70% black and I have now started to try and infuse other colors into […]

Lacey Girlie Fun – 3.22.12

Well today I felt like being a little girlie… My Purpose: I am a tomboy at heart but occasionally I like to bring out the girlie side!  I had a couple of networking meetings this morning and then off to the office!  I wanted to bring a vintage fun look to the meetings this morning showing […]

Errand Day 3.21.12

Well today is Errand Day… My Purpose: Well today I have a bunch of errands to run for my husband and his company.  Since I have to spend some time in the office it is all about business on the top and then I will be running around town so I went casual on the […]